1st February 2017 (Scam): (Closed)

30th January 2017 (Scam): (Update: Complaint received from Antonio Neto: "PTC BANK IS A FRAUD, WHEN I REQUESTED MY WITHDRAWAL OF USD $100 DELETED MY ACCOUNT") (Suspicious proofs)

23th January 2017 (Scam): (Closed)  PROOF (Not Paid)

21th January 2017 (Scam): (No recent proofs, no forum, a complaint received) (No recent proofs, no forum, suspicious) (Scammer Admin) Same Admin &

20th January 2017 (Scam): (Closed) (Scammer Admin) (Scammer Admin) Same Admin

18th January 2017 (Scam): (Scam) (Scammer Admin) not Paid Me

14th January 2017 (Scam): (The forum is abandoned, suspicious) (Scammer Admin) not Paid Me (Stop Paying) not Paid Me (Stop Paying) not Paid Me

9th January 2017 (Scam): (No TOS and FAQ, forum abandoned, suspicious) (Scammer Admin) (Scam)

 7th January 2017 (Scam): (Big Scam Admin) Fake payment proof of My Payment (Stop Paying)

2nd January 2017 (Scam): (Scam) (Scam) (Closed) Not Paid Me

1st January 2017 (Scam): (Scam) (Not Paid Long Time & Delete Old Data) clix4btc Same Admin (Closed)